2 min readNov 30, 2021


What makes StartFi unique?

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs have been in the crypto industry for a while now, but they are only used for selling digital art, memes, 3D images, and games. We, at StartFi, plan to expand the vision by displaying a different angle to the world of crypto.

We believe that NFTs are going to be everywhere in the future. Therefore, we are one step ahead by introducing a platform that would enable this. By using our platform, you can use NFTs for gaining sponsorship contracts. We are publishing a blueprint for future NFT companies. We plan to introduce an ecosystem where you can generate NFTs for everything available digitally. For example, you can create NFTs for digital invitations of an extremely exclusive party or award show.

Apart from this, we are planning on developing a system that facilitates creators, and their fans. On our platform, digital creators get a chance to establish their profiles with our services. We will match them with potential fans, and our algorithms will ensure that everything is marketed properly on their end. Similarly, the fans or token holders will get a customized feed of NFTs, depending on their interests. Moreover, our token holders will get rewards from participating in activities of a fan club.

Our plan is designed to bring content creators and NFT buyers/fans closer to one another. We aim at building a tight-knit community, where there's constant support and financial benefits.

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