2 min readDec 18, 2021


What exactly is Startfi?

Did you know that the NFT is the future of content ownership? Simply said, NFT is the future of digital material copyright and ownership. There will be no more paperwork or cross-boarding registration... Easily create your own unique material, like as novels, albums of music, or digital art, and mint it with the NFT token. Sell it and split the resale profit for the rest of your life.

End of the story? No, on StartFi, ownership of digital items will expand to encompass sponsorship contracts for parties, sporting events, and esports teams.

NFT is no longer just for mems & games collectables; it will be utilized on everything digital in your life, and we're going to start with a new NFT tool called StartFi. We are developing numerous features to streamline the process of raising funds and selling/buying NFTs, as we believe that a good content producer deserves a fantastic start. StartFi developed this initiative to modernize the process of NFT fund raising, making it easier to initiate and conclude by leveraging the potential of blockchain solutions. Nothing will prevent financial flows from reaching content creators, influencers, and celebrities with a streamlined process, rapid funding, and release methods. Token holders will be able to vote on many aspects of the project's governance. StartFi is a platform that is compatible with several existing blockchains and capable of incorporating future blockchains. On Ethereum, we've constructed an automated market maker (AMM) and an NFT DEX. StartFi provides creators with trusted NFT Listing with KYC and whitelist integration, enabling them to support their projects by selling NFTs for their work. To safeguard their privacy, creators/influencers will be able to build private campaigns with unique links (no public listing).

Content creators will be able to generate funds for prospective projects such as a music album, an entertainment video, digital art, a documentary video, or game collectibles, that will require funding to begin the creation process. This will help them get a sound basement when they are at the beginning stage of their journey.

In exchange, fans will be able to support such projects with NFT and profit from them, resale them as a unique product, publish, and republish that content while maintaining copyright control. Assume you're a well-known author who wants to raise money for his new book. In this situation, the NFT buyer will hold the rights to the book and will be allowed to redistribute it, print it, and sell it on marketplaces such as Amazon. In exchange, you will receive the funds you require immediately. It is a new approach of investing in digital content in its early stages.

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