$STFI joins UniFarm’s Cohort 25; Staking to go live on BSC

An innovative farming solution by OroPocket, UniFarm brings multiple DeFi projects together in one cohort where users can stake and farm multiple tokens

StartFi ($STFI) announced that it becomes a part of UniFarm Cohort 25, which will go live on the 28th October 2021 at 1.30 PM UTC on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The Cohort 25 reward pool runs for 180 days wherein users can farm $STFI with StartFi, $RAZE with Raze Network, $BCP with BCPay Fintech, $DVDX with Derived, and $UFARM with UniFarm.

is an NFT-backed entity that helps content creators manage their earnings and fund their creative efforts. Moreover, StartFi is Web3-based, meaning it uses cutting-edge technology to connect several networks across the NFT space.

Unlike traditional farming, UniFarm offers diversification to its token holders by allowing multiple token farming options hence the motto “Stake One, Farm More”. This strategy plays a vital role in reducing volatility and potential risks faced during farming, resulting in enhancing the overall return to the user’s crypto portfolio. This also means a higher reward gain for farmers and stakers. So far, UniFarm has a Total Value Locked of $15 Million+.

As a user, while farming at UniFarm, one can achieve an APY of up to 250% while retaining the custodianship of their tokens. Users also have complete control of personal token activity; hence tokens are not subjected to market exposure. One can unstake their tokens once the farm is over and attain maximum profit.

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