StartFi’s Seed and Private Funding Rounds have Concluded.

We are pleased to announce StartFinance (StartFi) has completed its seed and private funding rounds with total amount of $1.4M.

StartFi is in the quest to transform the scope of minting and buying non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Our NFT ecosystem will bring together content creators and prospective buyers in a unique, mutually beneficial manner.

Our vision has been met with keen interest, as several investors around the globe have helped fuel the early stages of our mission. Our investors include:

Spark Digital Capital, MXC Exchange, AU21 Capital, Exchange , x21 Digital, Blocksync Ventures, DFG Group, Youbi Capital, Angelone Capital.

Thanks to the support of our early well-wishers, we are one step closer to realising our vision.

If you have anymore questions please feel free to contact us on Twitter, Telegram, or to visit our website for more information.



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