StartFi: The Game Changer for NFT

StartFi is a brand new platform tailored mainly for NFT markets. StartFi offers to empower NFT creators, buyers, and sellers a safe and sound opportunity to own and participate in the ever-changing dynamic NFT markets.

StartFi is fully decentralized NFT (non-fungible token) platform that enables NFT creators to create unique digital assets and sell them through Initial NFT Offerings (INOs). As a content creator, you can mint unique NFTs for assets like digital art, music, videos, etc.

NFT holders can promote their favorite artists, organize or participate in fan get-togethers and engage like-minded individuals in other creative activities. In return, you will receive rewards and revenue shares in the form of the platform’s native token, STFI.

It’s beyond the buying/selling NFT, with MCNs support, Creators incubation and Digital Copyrights Management using NFT.

The NFT platform is set to redesign the digital assets monetization space. Here is what makes StartFi truly special:

  1. The decentralized platform empowers the NFT ecosystem and brings together content creators and fans.
  2. StartFi will make it easy for creators to sell/auction their content’s copyright, not only for images but also for videos, music albums & books.
  3. StartFi will offer several advanced options for content creators, including Time Locks, Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Private Pools, Milestone Unlocks and Cross-Chain Swapping.
  4. The NFT ecosystem offers an entrancing Metamask Wallet-based Matching Mechanism to gauge user interest and enable creators to identify interested fans.
  5. The STFI token fuels the ecosystem and serves as a governance token as well.
  6. As an STFI token holder, you will earn rewards from pool distribution revenue and NFT transaction fees.

StartFi is on its mission to build a comprehensive platform that includes a dynamic NFT marketplace as well as an upcoming platform that caters to the ever-changing launchpad and lauchpools.

StartFi will now be focusing on its public sale (IDO) before launching its platform. StartFi will be making its public sale fully transparent via a reputed platform and open to everyone, allowing all to have an equal chance to get involved.

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