StartFi ($STFI) Liquidity Program with Up to $25,000 in Rewards

After successful launching our token on UniSwap, preparing to announce a big partnership soon, we want to start sharing rewards with our community, our rewards is not only for liquidity providers, but will expand to “Beta Testing”, Wining a rare collectable NFT for super Stars, “Bounty Program”, and more will come to you.

Today we are excited to announce that we are launching our UniSwap Liquidity Program in monthly rewards for UniSwap LP (liquidity providers). The liquidity program is going to be launched on 30th of August 2021.

Liquidity providers benefit by getting USDT and STFI simultaneously. These rewards are paid in STFI token to every liquidity provider that locks USDT and STFI on UniSwap for at least 30 days. These rewards are in addition to the normal 0.3% fee liquidity providers automatically get from UniSwap trades on the trading pairs they provide liquidity.

To participate, you have to whitelist your wallet address and add liquidity to StartFi UniSwap trading pair (USDT, STFI). The rewards program is automatically renewed on a monthly basis unless we suspend it.

How To Participate?

  • To be eligible, you need to provide at least 500 USDT of liquidity, plus 500 USDT worth of STFI token.
  • Each qualifying liquidity add is only eligible for rewards 30 days after they are added.
  • Each qualifier splits the reward pool among all qualifiers evenly by percentage of the pool.
  • If you remove liquidity at any point, your previous liquidity is disqualified and you must wait 30 days from the next time you add qualifying liquidity to qualify for rewards.
  • We take any qualifying Liquidity Providers at the end of each period, split up the pool among them.

How to Add Liquidity to UniSwap?

  • Whitelist your wallet address by filling this form (Submit).
  • After Submitting, Go to StartFi “Add Liquidity Page” on UniSwap (Link Here).
  • Choose the number of STFI token you want to provide to the liquidity pool. (Minimum is $500 USDT worth of STFI).
  • Confirm the liquidity by clicking “Approve STFI”.
  • Accept the transaction using your MetaMask wallet.
  • After the confirmation of transaction, click “Supply” and accept the transaction using your MetaMask wallet.

Current reward is $25,000 worth of STFI token.
StartFi reserves the right to change the amount of STFI that are given as rewards, at any time, and without notice.

Participants in the STFI UniSwap Rewards program may receive varying amounts of USDT and/or STFI from the pool for being liquidity providers, due to the nature of UniSwap and other participants in the pool.

The number of STFI tokens earned as rewards in this program may vary due to other participants in the pool.

StartFi makes no warranties or guarantees as to the safety and security of any and all funds deposited by participants on UniSwap.

StartFi has no liability or control over users’ funds lost on UniSwap due to bugs or breaches on UniSwap, or due to the user’s own negligence.

StartFi reserves the right to KYC any and all participants in the Rewards Program, and withhold any and all rewards pending KYC.

StartFi reserves the right to modify or cancel this Rewards Program at any time, for any reason, and without notice.