StartFi Proudly Announces Integration with the Huobi ECO Chain Ecosystem (HECO)

As StartFi, after running very successful stages of seed, private, and public sales and getting listed on MEXC Global Exchange, we proudly announce that we will be collaborating with the Huobi ECO Chain (HECO) ecosystem to provide even more accessibility to StartFi platform users.

Some of you might be curious to learn more about what HECO is and what advantages it would bring to our community. Let’s dive into some details about the Huobi ECO Chain and its exciting features.

HECO is a decentralized and cost-effective public chain with which Ethereum developers may swiftly get up and running, and smart contracts are smoothly integrated. With its Mainnet which went live more than 9 months ago, HECO has processed more than 450 million transactions. Having a block time of only 3 seconds, HECO is also very cost-efficient, with an average transaction fee of only 0.001 USD! HECO ecosystem also supports more than 10 different wallets, being home to more than 58 assets and more than 250 decentralized applications.

With the above mentioned features which are all aligned with our vision and mission statements for providing a Launchpad platform to run Initial NFT Offering (INO) campaigns for content creators; having built this initiative to use the potential of blockchain technology to unlock the NFT fundraising potential, and making it easier to kickoff and complete content creation projects successfully. Hence, we are very excited to be a part of this ecosystem. We believe that this collaboration will help StartFi in focusing on our vision of thriving our platform in a multi-chain future and offering our users an interoperable experience.

For more information about StartFi, please feel free to visit us on the following links:

StartFi Website
StartFi Telegram Chat Group, 
StartFi Twitter

HECO Website

HECO Twitter

HECO Telegram Chat



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