StartFi partners with FinalFil Studios

StartFi believes that every creative person deserves a good start. The organizational structure is a decentralized platform where the flow of money from content creators, influencers and celebrities among others is stimulating process.
NFTs are seen as the future of digital content copyright & ownership. It is simplified to 'mint' unique content such as books, music and digital art and use it as an NFT token. Where other platforms stop, StartFi is expanding with the ability to also create sponsorships for parties, sporting events and e-sports teams.
In the marketing process, Final Film flies in the field of content creation. The organization will implement from concept to implementation. The team has been making history in the creation of commercial expressions for a number of years, with a focus on the crypto industry. Experience provides expertise and this knowledge is shared with the community.

With that said, puzzle pieces come together when we talk about the StartFi partnership. Guaranteeing quality is the basis, where the process starts with establishing a strategic goal. The goal is processed into a suitable concept, which is then formed into a visual product. Where Final Film is, creativity flows. They create movement, change and find it important that every story is heard. Don't hide, because from now on things will be different.


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