2 min readDec 24, 2021


StartFi is Delighted to be Partnering with Pixelverse

StartFi is excited to announce a new collaboration with Pixelverse, which is a virtual world platform and toolset that lets creators and communities create their own NFTs in a next-generation metaverse.

About Pixelverse

Pixelverse is a multi-blockchain virtual world that allows users to acquire, display, and engage with NFTs in a collaborative environment. The platform acts as a one-stop-shop for NFT projects, where users can utilize different aspects such as PixelBuild, PixelClout, and PixelLaunch. PixelBuild is a cutting-edge toolkit that allows developers to create multi-media NFTs on many blockchains. PixelClout is a feature of the platform that allows verified creators and groups to receive their own Pixelverse tokens. Talented and popular creators can be traded and backed by fans and speculators based on their position in the Pixelverse. Users can use PixelLaunch to launch NFT collections, land sales, hero or weapon sales, and entire projects into the expanding Pixelverse ecosystem.

If you would like to learn more about Pixelverse you can reach them for your queries, questions, or suggestions, at their Telegram Chat Group. You can also follow them on the following social media channels: Pixelverse Telegram Announcement Channel, Pixelverse Twitter, and Pixelverse Website

StartFi and Pixelverse Partnership

The partnership between StartFi and Pixelverse encourages the streamlining and automation of cross-chain challenges in the NFT business, as well as encouraging the wider usage of NFTs by providing additional benefits and features to both platforms' users.

This collaboration is in line with our primary goal of reimagining the digital asset monetization sector by providing a safe and secure mechanism for NFT inventors, buyers, and sellers to own and participate in the ever-changing and evolving NFT marketplaces. As a result, we're really excited to work with Pixelverse, and we feel that this partnership will assist StartFi in focusing on our aim of growing our platform in order to attract NFT enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

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