StartFi Beta Release;
StartFi invites its community to test its beta release of the Marketplace. The marketplace will be running on Ropsten testnet this week in order to allow the community to test the core features that have been released in this light version of the marketplace. Our users are invited to provide any feedback they have in the form of:
1. Features they would like to be added.
2. Features they would like to improve/change.
3. Bug hunting.
The light version of the StartFi marketplace has the following features:
1. Create Asset: Users can create their assets using the marketplace where their assets get stored in a fully decentralized store.
2. Royalty: Users can list their royalty percentage to benefit from any future sales.
3. Listing/Delisting: Users have full control of listing and delisting their assets where this is fully governed by smart contracts.
4. Trading: Users can freely buy and sell assets on the marketplace.

The team will be rolling more features to test once this initial phase is completed.
Register to StartFi Discussion Board ( with your email & ERC20 wallet to participate and receive beta test tokens.

StartFi Beta



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