1 min readNov 26, 2021


Beta Release 8

This is the latest release in preparation to go live on the mainnet on both Ethereum and HECO. This release has the following technical updates:

- Introducing filtering multiple networks and/or NFT market status (solo or combined).

- Enhance Header user balance - We display now STFI token balance or Ethurem balance according to the connected network.

- Customized supported network for each product according to the domain (mainnet/testnet).

- Add detailed information to the asset page (Token ID/Token Standard/Royalty) and a link to Etherscan.

- Add interval to price API that incrementally increases when connection fails and inform the user by message when we cant convert the price to USD.

- Minor enhancement to the create page, users now can click on the text to check the agreement button.

- Enhance routing to assets. We are now using network name/contract address/token id.

- Enhance user address in the asset page. It's now a shortcut instead of showing the entire address.

- A lot of internal patches and miscellaneous bug fixes